Training is about building a Relationship with your dog

What is The Bay Area K9 Association?

The Bay Area K9 Association looks at each dog and handler as a unique team that requires individualized attention. Each member of the Bay Area K9 Association has had extensive training in all aspects of dog behavior and will provide you with the knowledge necessary to build a working relationship with your dog. We pair our experiential knowledge with a strong foundational methodology that consistently provides lasting and reliable results for dogs and their people from all backgrounds!


We recognize that every dog and human team that we meet has a unique set of goals and interests. Every dog is granted a free evaluation where we are able to meet you, your dog, and talk about what you want to achieve in our program.


As the learning begins, our trainers will not just be training your dog - we train you as well! We teach you the skills to better communicate with your canine in order to obtain the most lasting and reliable results.


Obedience isn't obedience unless it is reliable under varied levels of distraction. We start by teaching you and your dog foundational obedience at our state of the art training facility. Once you are comfortable there, we push you and your dog's training to the next level by working in real life scenarios and different group classes.


After your dog has worked through different distractions, we are able to build duration for all obedience. This also is the point where we focus on consistency and reliability in all environments.


At the conclusion of training, we encourage on going maintenance. Maintaining what you and your dog have learned is a commitment to a lifestyle that focuses on the strong relationship you built with your dog throughout training.


Protection work is considered a high level of obedience training. This program is tailored for sport work, including French Ring, Schutzhund/IPO, and PSA. Many dogs benefit from the mental and physical stimulation that this type of work requires.

Meet Our Trainers

Steve Kenzler |

Steve Kenzler founded the Bay Area K9 Association as a way to provide quality training to all dogs and handlers that wanted to learn how to work best with their dog. He has been training dogs of all breeds and temperaments for the past 7 years. Steve puts his heart and soul into each team he works with, and he prides himself on being able to work with dogs from any bloodline or living condition.

Joshua Pennucci |

Joshua is our group class instructor and provides training support to all of our clients. Joshua has enjoyed interacting with dogs and people his entire life. With experience in police K9's, Josh's passion is in our working dogs. His hard work in this specialized area shows in his attentiveness to help develop the full potential of a dog.

Marie Aymard |

Marie Aymard joined the Bay Area K9 Association after years of working with dogs in San Francisco. She has experience working with dogs of all sizes and temperaments and is driven to help each and every dog reach their highest potential. Her background is in psychology and animal assisted therapy, which drives her to help owners obtain a strong working bond with their dogs based on trust and respect. Marie prides herself on being able to provide goal directed training to each team she works with in order to acheive the most lasting results.

Learn The Bay Area K9 Association Method

The Bay Area K9 Association is able to create packages that best suit your dog's training needs. We offer a variety of packages that include private one-on-one training, group classes, day training, and board and train options. Based on your goals and your dog, our skilled trainers are able to help create a package that best suits you!

Day Training

Do you find it challenging to find the time to train your dog on a daily basis? Let us do it for you! While you are at work, school, or running errands, our team of trainers will pick up your dog for the day and work them at our facility, outside of dog parks, and at various outdoor areas to put in the repetitions that you may not have time to do in between training sessions.

Board and Train

Our board and train option is a great way to kick start your dog's learning, or to do some fine tuning while you are out of town! Your dog will get to spend one week, two weeks, or one month in an intensive training program that can address everything from behavior modification to sport work to basic puppy foundational skills.

Private Training

Private training gives you one-on-one time with your trainer to directly address all foundational aspects of obedience, agility, behavior modification, and sport work. We work with you individually at our state of the art training facility to teach you and your dog all of the skills needed to have consistent and reliable obedience in all real world settings. In addition, out-and-about visits are available to help you work on translating your dog's skills into new environments.

Group Classes

Group classes are a crucial piece of training. In this setting, your dog will learn to work around the distractions of a group of other dogs and their handlers in a park setting. This is a chance to push your obedience and socialization skills to the next level, and it is also a great way to maintain training on a regular basis. There are various levels available to fit where your dog is in their learning.

Training Programs

Our objective is to help you achieve your dog's goals. We offer private sessions so you and your canine can learn the Bay Area K9 Association method. We then introduce your canine in a group setting so they can get desensitized to distractions. We have a variety of pre-programed packages that have offered clients success, or we can custom tailor a package specifically to fit your dog!

8 Private x 4 Group

  • - No behavioral issues; great for new dogs.
  • - Learn the Bay Area K9 Association method.
  • - Basic home manners (no jumping, excessive barking, counter surfing or other unwanted behaviors).
  • - On leash obedience.

16 Private x 8 Group

  • - Includes 8x4 program in addition to:
  • - Increasing duration of sit, down, and focus.
  • - Increasing distractions for recall and focus.
  • - Teaching finish and heeling.
  • - Build towards off leash obedience.
  • - Behavior modification.

20 Private x 10 Group

  • - Includes 16x8 program in addition to:
  • - Teaching stand , stay , & Obedience in motion.
  • - Off leash obedience.
  • - Sport training (protection and agility).
  • - Distance, sit, down, recall with distractions.
  • - Real world training distractions.
  • - Includes one home visit.

24 Private x 12 Group

  • - Includes 20x10 program in addition to:
  • - Advanced off leash obedience.
  • - Execute commands from a distance and in motion.
  • - Executive protection and sport work.
  • - Includes one home visit
  • - Includes one out and about session

Monthly Group Classes

  • - Work dog in group class one time per week.
  • - Socialization
  • - Solidify obedience for dogs with real life distractions including:dogs, new people, and new situations.
  • - Ask your trainer which class is appropriate for your dog.


  • - Train via video conference from the comfort of your home.

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